Tuesday, 24 May 2011



♥ Hasrosnita Hassan <--- my name
♥ Daughter of Hassan and Norsiah <--- love mama and abah so much
♥ 3 siblings they are Nurdini Aidah and Nurzawani Atiqah <--- long la..
♥ Study <--- Art n Design 'Graphic Design Digital Media'
♥ TSIBL , SKSA , SMKTPH , SGGS , UNISEL SA , UITM <--- study la

---> TAKE A NOTE PEEPS <--- 

♥ I don't care what people wanna say about me..
♥ I love my style..
♥ My attitude is based on how you treat me..
♥ I like 2 make friends but i hate those who misused me..
♥ I do respect those who respect me..
♥ For those who hate me i hope i'm not s0o bad..
♥ I love those who are original and please weyh just be yourself.. 
♥ Leave those who want u 2 be someone else bcoz he/she can't accept u as who u are dear..
♥ Be honest in your relationship..
♥ Be honest in everything u do so it wont hunting u in future..
♥ Fight for the right n just be yourself..

---> PEOPLE <--- 

♥ Sometime's something's are better left unsaid..

♥ ..d0 i c0ncern..  =P

......to be continue......