Wednesday, 4 January 2012


1. you treat me like a stranger..
2. you hate me like hell..
3. I DON'T CARE..!

i still be nice to you just because the sake of friendship and love..
have u ever feel so tired..?physically and mentally tired and u just want to sink your head under the pillow and die..?
I DO..!
most of the time lately..
i feel extremely tired when there are too many assignment i haven't complete yet.,test is just around the corner.,presentations.,all were almost reaching the deadline and a few of it is over the deadline..!of cause i'm dead when i saw his face('hah nita.nape?xyah nak nyorok.dh nmpk awk'.'hee..sorry sir..esk sy hantar colour n pen')..then came the demanding friends who seek attention every second.,and at the same time.,too many relationships to be taken care of..all the problems happening near and far in my world which i need to think of it..i want to do everything and i really want to please everybody..but.,i became very tired..exhausted..
BEFORE - almost every single things i do here came from my heart..
NOW - almost every single things i do here not really came for my heart..i need to push myself to slowly swallow it..huh..!
it's okayh..slowly swallow it..
today..i just let it go..follow the flow..taste the sweet.,sour.,bitter and whatever it want to be..don't care..just aim for my goal..complete my studies..tried to be smile....even it look FAKE..i don't care..!people wanna talk about me..?nah u go..just talk anything u like..I DON'T CARE..cause i'm so tired to think about it..


 bye and good night..